4 Advantages Financial Advisors Have When They Publish Thought-Leadership Over Those That Don’t

social financial networkIt’s easy to be humble and keep your original ideas and thoughts to yourself, rather than publish them online or via social media platforms. However, as a financial advisor, you are putting your firm at a disadvantage if you don’t have a thriving social media presence. Publishing thought-leadership has many distinct advantages you need to be aware of. Not only will it enhance your social financial network, but it will build credibility among your current clients and help build your brand across many networks. Here are the four advantages your firm will have by publishing its thought-leadership.

Be Viewed As A Credible Expert

Consumers look to financial advisors and social media for various reasons, but one reason is to get an expert opinion. Your role as a financial advisor is to be an expert, and experts always publish original thoughts and ideas. So it only makes sense to put your ideas out publicly via social media, a blog or website to help build your credibility. You can tell people you’re an expert all you want, but if they don’t have published information of yours to look at to back your claims, you’ll have a hard time earning credibility as an expert in the industry.

Expand your Firm’s Reach

The main benefit of social media marketing for financial advisors is to expand your network and build credibility. Combining thought-leadership with social media is powerful. In fact, financial advisors who do not use thought-leadership publishing in conjunction with social media networking won’t reach the levels of success that are obtainable. People want to be able to share inspirational and meaningful articles across their social media networks.  This creates a multiplier event with optimal reach. If you create new and fresh content regularly, it will build regular followers, and you’ll benefit from greater reach.  Regular and consistent publishing will also make it much easier to build employee advocacy.

Gain New Prospects from Google

People turn to Google every day, and multiple times per day, to find answers. Google’s job is to give those people the answers they need. When you publish various thought-leadership articles, Google will see you and your firm as a credible answer and will match you with people asking questions and searching for information. People generally trust Google searches, so you could gain new prospects by simply showing up in search engines as a result of your thought-leadership publishing.

Build Your Firm’s Website Authority

Aside from building a solid social financial network, moving up the Google rankings is one of the most important factors for succeeding in the digital world as a financial advisor. Thought-leadership publishing will increase your Google rankings, and those rankings will continue to build over time. As you soar up the rankings, you’ll get more website traffic, increased authority levels and be discovered by more people.

SocialFinServ is here to bring as much value as possible when it comes to social media marketing for financial advisors. Thought-leadership publishing is critical for succeeding in a competitive industry, and we have the tools to help you gain maximum reach and exposure. Be sure to reach out to us to learn more about our tools and how we can help you deliver your valuable content across multiple platforms.