If You Are a Financial Advisor and You Want to be a Highly Effective Networker in the Digital World, then Your Rolodex Needs to be Converted to LinkedIn Connections

financial planning marketing strategiesChances are everyone you have done business with or want to do business with as a financial advisor is using LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn isn’t the only way you can be an effective networker, but without having a LinkedIn profile, you’ll be way behind the competition. You can actually compare LinkedIn to a glorified Rolodex in many ways. The main benefit of social media for financial institutions is being able to connect with people quickly and conveniently to build relationships over time. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to convert your Rolodex contacts into LinkedIn connections by taking these steps.

Send Your Contacts A LinkedIn Invitation

Every contact on your Rolodex should receive an invitation from you to join LinkedIn. If you don’t have their email address, contact them to get it. For your most personal contacts, consider writing a personal message in your invitation to connect with them so they will be more likely to accept. One of the first financial planning marketing strategies you should consider is building up your LinkedIn connections as much as possible.

Connect Every Time You Make A New Contact

Whether you meet a new person at an event, through a referral, an inquiry or anywhere else, send them an invitation to connect with you via LinkedIn. Out of all the financial social networking sites, LinkedIn has the reputation for being one of the most professional, so your potential clients very likely will know what it is and be willing to connect with you as a result.

Keep Your Connections Engaged

What do you do once you’ve connected with these contacts? You have to keep them engaged. Share relevant industry articles or your own original content regularly. Just remember this is not the place to sell your services, but rather, it is a place to demonstrate your expertise. Your financial planning marketing strategies should include generating original content anyway, so sharing that content through LinkedIn is valuable to keep your connections engaged.

Like and Comment on Your Connections’ Posts

You want your name to be visible as much as possible on financial social networking sites. One of the most effective ways to do this is to like and comment on various posts by your connections. Those people will see you are interacting with their content and will be more likely to interact with yours in return.

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