SEO for Financial Advisors is More Important Than You May Think

social media for financial institutionsIt’s no secret an effective marketing strategy for any business involves boosting visibility. The combination of SEO and social media for financial institutions can do exactly that when proper techniques are used. In a highly competitive industry, financial advisors have to be creative when it comes to standing out among the competition. One of the most effective ways to do so is to be on top of the search engine results, which can only happen with strong SEO, high quality content and a great online presence and reputation. Here’s why SEO can be so important for financial advisors.

Search Engine Ranking

The truth is many people who perform a Google search, or any other search engine search for that matter, won’t bother clicking on page two of the results. So if your SEO strategy doesn’t land your business on the first page, the chances of earning clicks are very low. Performing keyword research can improve your ranking, as well as give you the ability to adjust social media finance strategies to be as active and recognizable as possible.

High visibility can be important, but targeted visibility can be even more vital since the clicks have a better chance of turning into conversions. Regardless, your search engine ranking may play a big role in the amount of valuable clicks you receive.

Develop an Online Presence and Reputation

Your online presence and reputation can build credibility. As with the relationship between financial advisors and social media, providing quality content to readers may eventually lead to a trustworthy bond and could generate more clients as a result. Consumers generally take an online reputation very seriously, as does SEO. Activity is also one of the key components of having a solid online presence. People shouldn’t have to guess whether you have an active social media account or if your website is valid. Your activity and content generation should clearly indicate this.

High Quality Content Generation

Keywords are a large component of SEO, but stuffing them into content as much as possible won’t do you any good. In fact, search engines recognize this practice as keyword stuffing and will likely penalize you accordingly. When generating content for your website or blog, consider using keywords naturally and strategically, and share each piece of content as much as possible. This is where social media for financial institutions can help tremendously. The more your content is shared, the more visibility you’ll earn and a higher SEO ranking can come as a result.

SocialFinServ understands the importance of SEO and how it connects with financial advisors and social media. Our All-In-One solution for financial advisors incorporates content, compliance and collaboration to streamline workflows and help earn more organic visibility. To learn more about how we can help boost your SEO and social media efforts for your financial advising business, contact us today.