5 Habits of Successful Financial Advisors

One of the biggest differences between successful and average financial advisors is constant client engagement. Today, financial advisor social media marketing campaigns are the best ways to remain maintain open communication with clients. However, there are several other ways financial advisors can utilize social media with success.

Tell Stories

Telling stories from experience is a powerful way to connect with clients’ emotions and share knowledge, allowing financial advisors to build relationships with their clients. As advisors gain experience, they will have more stories and wisdom to share. The stories may have good endings or difficult endings, but either way, they can provide valuable lessons for their clients. When these stories are shared on social media, not only will you gain the interest of current clients, but the story will likely spread to prospects as well. Social media allows you to communicate your wisdom with larger audiences that were previously inconceivable.

Ask Great Questions

Advisors who ask their clients questions can create more effective financial plans. One of the characteristics of great financial advisor social media marketing is asking the right open-ended questions. Clients don’t want to answer the standard interview questions they hear all the time. Instead, they want to hear questions that really require them to think about their current situation and how they need to take action. When using social media, ask questions. Don’t use social media like conventional one-way marketing.  Social media is dynamic and interactive and should be used to pose questions for an audience of prospective clients to ponder.  

Communicate Frequently

Advisors should reach out to clients and prospective clients frequently to share important information or just to touch base. Financial advisor social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With a small investment of time, advisors can provide guidance, compelling stories and thought-leadership. With innovative tools like Hootsuite, social media marketing can be run automatically with little effort. Frequent and valuable engagement with clients builds deeper confidence in their relationship with an advisor.  

Listen Well

Talking with clients instead of at clients is what successful financial advisors do well. This is why listening is a trait of successful financial advisors. One of the reasons social media is growing so quickly is because it’s a platform for both speaking and listening. It’s a two-way street that gives a voice to all its users. With social media, you can monitor what is being said about your firm, industry, or identify key trends that interest your clients.  

Educate Clients

Educating clients is another habit of successful financial advisors. Telling stories is a great way to educate and inform. Also, listening well will enable you to identify what a client wants to learn more about. Social media marketing is a great tool to distribute valuable information to clients. It’s also a great way to meet prospective clients who will find the materials just as beneficial as your current clients. Amazingly, with social media platforms, a financial advisor can reach a larger audience with greater precision than ever before.

SocialFinServ makes it easy for financial advisors to incorporate social media in their habits to become successful. For more information on utilizing social media in your practice, be sure to contact us at any time.