What Should You Do If Your Advisors Are Not Living Up To Your Expectations of Adding New Clients?

social media financial servicesAny financial service expects and relies on their financial advisors to bring in new clients. No matter how good and knowledgeable a financial advisor is, you have to look at the bottom line and see the overall value they bring to the business. That doesn’t mean the advisor should be fired if they aren’t adding new clients regularly. They just may need a little extra guidance with financial service marketing. Here are some tips to consider if your financial advisors aren’t living up to your expectations when it comes to bringing in new clients.

Offer Guidance and Support

If you have a good financial advisor, they should be open to receiving guidance and support. You should certainly evaluate and help them out through conventional methods such as suggesting certain conferences to attend, having round-table discussions, and setting up various marketing campaigns. But due to the success of social media in financial services, social media should be considered a leading path to positive change for any advisor. Social media networking is a powerful yet inexpensive medium for marketing financial services that produces results quickly, and with accountability. Since financial advisors do not sell overtly — relying instead on building relationships with people, then identifying wealth management needs and a fit — digital networking offers a unique opportunity for advisors to meet the right people faster. Social media provides a powerful format for introducing your firm’s thought leadership, facilitates digital conversations, and provides expansive reach that is only limited by the size and influence of the network.

With social media financial services, you are opening up many different options when compared to traditional networking. The guidance your financial advisors need may be regarding the content being published in order to relate to clients better. People have a sixth sense for identifying marketing content and tend to steer clear of it. Authentic content that reflects your team’s thought leadership will produce the best outcome. Producing authentic articles on a consistent basis will help bring in referrals to your firm, so educate your financial advisors on the importance of these articles. Better yet, arm them with pre-approved authentic articles and social media posts they can share with their network.

Ensure Your Advisors Are Working Smarter, Not Harder

Financial advisors have to work hard, but they can work smart as well. Writing and distributing the articles and content mentioned previously can be a daunting task when they are added on top of other job duties. Instead, provide your advisors with a mobile device or app to easily upload content to financial social networking sites. This will allow them to review any pre-approved (fully compliant) content as they are traveling and fully leverage their skills and marketing efforts.

Utilize Original Content To Build Relationships

Some advisors may have great intentions to bring in new clients, but don’t know enough about financial service marketing to get the job done. Educate your advisors on the type of content to put in their articles. The articles should be original and conversational, so readers will be more likely to interact with them. Original content reflecting your team’s thought leadership will produce the best outcome, so steer away from generic marketing articles. These are used by a lot of firms because they take less time, but they do nothing to differentiate your firm. Give your readers solutions to common problems, tips on financial success and demonstrate your skills and expertise to be able to help them.

Developing relationships with potential clients will help turn them into actual clients in the future. You have to build a solid reputation on financial social networking sites before adding new clients, so guiding your advisors in the right direction will help them achieve this naturally.

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