How Financial Advisors Can Use Social Media to Get Prospective Clients from Google

social media and financial servicesSocial media is widely known as one of the most effective ways to market your business. When social media for financial advisors is used correctly, your thought-leadership expertise and brand awareness can grow quickly. Sharing thought-leadership and blogs on social media can generate traffic to your website. This traffic then gets recognized by Google, and your website gets attention as being a place people go to for answers.

When Google decides your firm’s website is credible and a top answer for their searches, your company name will show up at the top of the result list. Here are ways you can tie in financial advisor social media and Google to get new prospective clients.

Share Your Blog Articles Via Social Media

When you share your blog articles over social media, you’ll have a higher chance of generating traffic to them rather than only posting them to your website. Use your personal financial advisor social media account as well as your company’s account. You can’t over-promote new and engaging content, since the more website traffic you get, the more credible you’ll look to Google.

Create An Employee Advocacy Program

The best way to build up an entire financial advisory firm is to have all employees working together to promote the firm’s content and brand message. The more the group works together, the quicker you’ll be able to build your Google authority rating and get new prospective clients. With the tight-knit community financial advisors work in, the power of social media and financial services combined can’t be underestimated when it comes to driving website traffic.

Make It Easy For Google To See Your Firm’s Answers

One thing you have to ensure every time you share content on your financial advisor social media account is that the content has answers. Google uses sophisticated and complicated formulas to determine their website ratings, so having certain keywords people search for in your content will help significantly. The more people who come to your website for answers to their questions, the more Google will view your website as a top resource and give it a higher authority rating. It all starts with creating content and sharing it through social media.

SocialFinServ is the expert in connecting social media and financial services to help firms get prospective clients. We can help your firm build your Google ranking through social media in various ways, so reach out to us today to see how our services can best suit your company.