Financial Advisors Need to do These 3 Things to Have Successful Social Media Outreach

social media for financial servicesWith the billions of users across all social media platforms, it seems like an easy task to even get a few thousand social media followers. However, the sheer amount of users won’t always translate to quality followers unless you give them a reason to follow you.

Financial advisors can build their social financial network in many different ways. Having a positive presence can help your network grow naturally, while also retaining your current clients. Here are three of the main things financial advisors need to do in order to have a successful social media outreach.

Create Your Presence on Social Media

If you only have one social media account as a financial advisor, you need to get more. LinkedIn has different users from Facebook and Facebook has different users from Twitter. The only way to connect with a wide ranging audience is to be active across multiple platforms.

You can build your social financial network by creating original articles and sharing unique content that is both valuable and of good quality for your followers. Using social media to promote your content can boost your credibility and it also gives your followers the chance to share your content, which will increase your presence and bring in more business.

Be Authentic and Communicate Clearly and Effectively

People have a sixth sense regarding authentic vs marketing articles and messages. Authentic communications that reflects your team’s thought-leadership delivers the best outcome. It differentiates your firm. Generic and outdated marketing get filtered out by people, it can actually reduce the reception of future messages. Communicating with authenticity can clearly and effectively be summed up as knowing your target audience and providing useful information for them. Provide them with information to help them recognize a gap or issue needing to be addressed in their finances. When it comes to social media marketing for financial advisors, being clear and concise will build your credibility, since readers get the sense you are confident with your expertise. Your readers will be more likely to share clear and concise content and you’ll have a better chance of connecting with them as a result.

Be Creative in Expanding Your Network

There isn’t a perfect way to expand your social media network. In fact, social media for financial services can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your target audience. As a financial advising firm, consider running a social media outreach program to help your advisors expand their network. When advisors work together to promote the thought leadership of the firm, the business as a whole will benefit. The more original articles you can share with your social financial network, the more you’ll stir engagement, please your clients and ultimately lead to more business referrals.

SocialFinServ understands the challenges financial advisors and advising firms have with expanding their social networks. With the various tasks advisors have throughout the day, it’s easy to put your social media efforts on hold. If you’ve been neglecting your social media marketing efforts, or are struggling with expanding your outreach, contact us today to learn how we can help you in both areas.