How Financial Advisors Use Social Media to Build Relationships

financial advisors and social mediaBuilding relationships over social media is critical for financial advisors today. With an estimated 80% of your potential client base active on social media, you can make a huge impact on your brand by simply being active and engaged on social media. The best financial advisors don’t sell their products overtly. Rather, they earn business by gathering referrals, introducing themselves and slowly building relationships through conversation and identifying the needs of the client. Here are some of the best ways financial advisors and social media can combine to build the best relationships.

Sharing Ideas and Interests

Once a financial advisor makes a connection with a potential client, building on that relationship is important. One way to do that is by being active on social media and sharing different ideas and interests. Clients will undoubtedly see the content you post, and if you’ve built a good relationship, they will likely read it and take it to heart. Your content may prompt them to ask questions or get them thinking about their own financial situation and how you may be able to help them reach their goals.

Having Conversations and Keeping in Touch

One of the best connections regarding financial advisors and social media is the fact that advisors can connect with clients at any time. Having conversations just to check in periodically on a client, or to follow-up on a previous conversation, is important in building relationships. Clients don’t want to be sold a product, but many times they don’t know exactly what they want. Making your presence known by keeping in touch with them and showing you care about their best interests will help create new relationships and build on existing ones.

Information Will Spread Naturally

As we saw during the race for the presidency in the United States, social media can play a large role in helping your credibility. Anything you post or share on social media will spread naturally to your intended audience. Every time a potential client sees your name pop up on their social media feed, they can use it to judge your credibility. The link between financial advisors and social media can be extremely valuable because of the spread of information, but you must always be responsible when using it.

SocialFinServ understands the link between financial advisors and social media completely. Social media is one of the most valuable tools financial advisors can use to build relationships today, but many need help utilizing it properly. We are here to help you make that connection, so be sure to contact us at any time to learn more.