Your Firm’s Biggest Advocates Are its Advisors and Employees, so Why Not Give the Tools to do More?

social media in financial servicesThe biggest advocates of any financial firm are the advisors and employees. Since these people are the faces of your firm, to an extent, providing them with the resources to do more could prove to be very valuable. The challenge is providing employees with the right technology and giving them a better understanding of social media in financial services. Once you’ve overcome these hurdles, you can move toward a more impactful  employee advocacy program.

Provide The Right Technology

Having the right technology available for your advisors to use is essential for employee advocacy, and will keep the firm safe and efficient. The technology should make it easy for employees to advocate, and it should also alleviate compliance concerns.  The best technology, along with providing a complete understanding of financial advisor social media marketing, can keep employees involved with the sharing of the firm’s articles and social posts. When employees feel engaged with the firm’s objectives and don’t have to jump through hoops or work overtime to be involved, they will be more likely to participate and have higher energy level when performing a job.

As a financial institution, aligning the best social media practices and technology with ROI objectives will ensure the best results possible. This is of important because financial advisor social media marketing is most valuable when it reaches the full extent of your firm’s network and a wide array of content is shared, such as original thought-leadership articles, company updates and important developments in the industry as a whole.

Eliminating Compliance Concerns Helps Advisors Do More

Employees and advisors are typically willing to do more when they have fewer concerns regarding compliance and other issues. You have to enforce social media compliance for financial advisors for obvious reasons, but you don’t have to intimidate advisors and employees in the process. With the right technology and automated solutions, employees can eliminate their compliance concerns and will be more willing to share company content with their social network since they know they are protected from any accidental wrongdoing.

SocialFinServ is here to help boost your employee advocacy program by providing an all-in-one solution tailored to your firm’s needs. The power of social media in financial services is invaluable, so giving your advisors the ability to do more to promote your business is critical. We work with your firm’s compliance policy and with your team to maximize reach and share relevant and valuable content with your network. For more information about how our solutions can benefit your firm, contact us today for a consultation.