How to Get Google to Send Prospects to Your Financial Advisory Practice

social media for financial servicesYou don’t necessarily have to become a Google expert in order to have prospects flocking to your financial advisory practice. However, you do have to have some knowledge of how Google works so you can make the right efforts to put Google in your firm’s favor.

Social media helps reach a large audience in a short amount of time, and can also prompt traffic to your website, therefore the role of social media in financial services is a major factor in getting Google on your side. This traffic to your firm’s website shows Google you are credible and have the answers people are looking for, so your practice is worthy of showing up in Google search results.

Here are ways to get Google to send potential prospects to your firm’s website:

Publish Thought-Leadership Articles

As a respected financial advisor, you should be publishing well-written thought-leadership articles consistently. These will not only enhance your credibility, but Google also evaluates the content to determine whether it provides value to people searching for answers. The more valuable content you publish, the more Google will see your financial advisory practice as a reputable source for information and send prospects your way through search results.

Promote Employee Advocacy

Simply having financial advisor social media accounts isn’t enough to earn credibility with Google. You have to be active on social media in order to gain an extensive following and generate as much traffic as possible to your website. As a firm, encourage your employees to post your firm’s social media posts on their personal social media accounts as much as possible to drive traffic to your firm’s website. Be certain you educate them on social media compliance for financial institutions first, to ensure there won’t be any issues regarding the use of it.

Purchase AdWords

If you want your firm at the top of specific Google search requests, it’s possible even while your building your firm’s website authority. You can do this by purchasing Google AdWords. It’s the equivalent of purchasing an ad spot at the top of named searches. For instance, your firm’s logo and brand statement can show at the top search results of “Top ultra-high-net-worth advisors”. Gaining website authority takes time, but you can bridge the time gap effectively with Google AdWords. The AdWords will promote your practice to the top of the list of search results, which should naturally bring traffic to your site. Investing in AdWords may not be part of your long-term marketing plan, but it is a great way to increase exposure as you naturally build your website’s credibility.

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