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Knowledge Base

What makes SocialFinServ an all-in-one solution?

  • SocialFinServ provides a “best of the best” fully integrated social media system (content, compliance, collaboration). Our packages are fixed priced. All that is required the package that best fits your needs and then implementation. Because we have done all of the work, a firm can avoid spending time and money on figuring out a solution, then putting the solution together, then testing the solution, and then fixing the problems. With our all-in-one solution, you can focus on getting the most out of the solution.

Is your program SEC and FINRA compliant?

  • Yes. Our compliance software partner, ERADO, provides the best software in the market. Erado is a SSAE 16 Certified Business and adhere to the highest industry standards to comply with SEC, FINRA, FCA and other international regulations.

Is the solution SEC Rule 206(4)-1 compliant?

  • Yes. SocialFinServ adheres to all SEC requirements.

Will suspect content be addressable immediately?

  • Yes, any content not meeting language rules will be immediately flagged for review with an alert notification sent to designated personnel.

Does SocialFinServe provide everything I need to launch our firm’s social media program?

  • Yes. We provide everything that is needed to leverage social media platforms: Content Supply, Compliance & Collaboration Technology. Your firm will need to designate a person in charge of the program (Chief Compliance Officer).

How long does implementation take?

  • We recommend a 30 day implementation plan.

Will the agency be collaborating with our office?

  • Yes. The content agency will be working in concert with your office to create content that meets your firm’s particular needs. Your firm’s content will be driven by your firm’s editorial calendar and your firm’s unique brand and thought leadership.

Are agency services like branding and advertising services available?

  • Yes, we have selected extensive marketing and branding services to meet all of your firm’s needs. These services can be added to our base package services.

Do you provide a content library which enrolled employees can use to select pre-approved content and then post it at their leisure?

  • Yes. Enrolled employees can be given permissions to access content library and post at their leisure.

Can approved content be automatically distributed to enrolled social media profiles?

  • Yes. Additionally, the firm can give enrolled employees the ability to review ready-to-go posts before they are released to a social media profiles.

Can all social media platforms be used?

  • No. There are many types of social media platforms available in today’s marketplace. To ensure regulatory compliance, currently SocialFinServ can be used to distribute with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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