One Very Important Reason Why Financial Advisors Should Care About Google Rankings

social media in financial servicesOne of the best feelings for a financial advising firm is to do a Google search on a topic in which your firm is expert and have your company’s name show up at the top of the results. The main reason this is such an achievement is because it takes a lot of work, time and dedication to get to that point. Having a high Google ranking is vital for financial advising firms to attract new prospective clients. You must generate a significant amount of traffic and quality information on your website to get a high ranking.  A great way to accomplish this is by incorporating social media for financial services.

Google uses information from your website and other metrics to rate your website. This is called the authority rating, and it is the single most important reason why financial advisors should care about Google rankings.

Your Website Authority Rating Is Most Important

The authority rating your firm gets from Google is of greatest importance if you want to naturally bring in new business. The higher your authority rating is, the higher your firm’s website will show up on the search results list. Since most people click on the first 1-3 links on the results list provided, you’ll end up with more leads by default. Using a financial services social media account is a great way to boost your authority rating, which we will discuss more later.

How Google Determines An Authority Rating

In order to have a high Google authority rating, you have to know how it’s determined. All content on your website is essential for driving traffic, but blog articles are especially important. Google recognizes keywords from those articles and associates them with the traffic being generated to the website. So the more blogs you write and share on your financial services social media account, the more traffic will come to your website and the better chance you’ll have of getting a high Google authority rating.

What Your Business Can Do To Improve Google Rankings

Improving your Google rankings may not take a whole lot more work than what you’re doing right now. It comes down to focusing on the right things and having content available. The main things to do include:

  • Write about your expertise on your website – show your brand
  • Generate and publish new and relevant content consistently – post blog articles
  • Make sure the content you publish is original and unique (must be firm-authentic)
  • Use social media to promote your content – multiplies traffic to website

All of these tips are very valuable, but you can’t overlook the importance of social media in financial services. Different social media platforms help create exposure and drive traffic, which will lead you to the most important component…your high Google authority rating.

At SocialFinServ, we want all of our clients to have the highest Google ranking possible. Our expertise in social media for financial services can help create brand awareness, drive traffic and naturally build your Google authority rating. Feel free to contact us to see how our services can help you take your Google ranking to new levels.