How to Identify and Remove the Obstacles of Poor Social Media Adoption

financial social networkAdopting a social media policy for your financial firm is invaluable. There are plenty of challenges and obstacles to overcome with social media for financial institutions today, but the benefits far outweigh the downsides. The key to adopting the best social media solution is identifying and removing any of the obstacles your institution may face. Some of these obstacles could include content creation, employee advocacy, content sharing and more. When you have a properly trained staff of financial advisors, you’ll be able to remove the majority of these issues and social media will work to your advantage instead of being a risk.

Challenges With Original Content Generation

It’s no secret original content generation is time-consuming. However, your financial social network wants to see original content, so it’s a challenge you must overcome. Outsourcing the development of original content is one solution, and can take a huge burden off of financial advisors.

Other challenges with content generation include creating professional level content and getting the content approved quickly. Both of these obstacles can create frustration and stress because of a specific skill set needed, not to mention time constraints. These challenges can also be eliminated by outsourcing content creation, which includes pre-approved content and straight-through publishing to a LinkedIn account or other social media platforms.

Employee Advocacy Obstacles

Adopting an employee advocacy program seems like a major obstacle for financial institutions, but it’s effortless when the right resources are used. Advocating for a company adds responsibility to a financial advisor, so the upside must outweigh the downside tremendously. With a solid collaboration and compliance system, social media marketing for financial advisors is made easy. From content sharing to alleviating any other concerns about social media, the collaboration and compliance system exists to to make it easy for employees to advocate and also protects financial advisors.

Eliminate The Difficulties of Sharing Content

Sharing content with a financial social network takes time, which isn’t always available regularly for financial advisors. By automating content sharing with a good collaboration and compliance system, you can post original content on a consistent basis without having to spend a lot of time. Plus, sharing content from anywhere and at any time with mobile networking capabilities can streamline the process and reduce the difficulties associated with content sharing.

With SocialFinServ, these challenges and obstacles are eliminated.  From content creation to employee advocacy to content sharing, our automated system ensures social media for financial institutions is not a burden. Your team shares thought-leadership ideas to us, and our professional writers will go to work to create the content for your approvers.  And the best part is our automated system will ensure only content with the consent of your approvers is published. We also facilitate your firm’s employee advocacy program, ensure compliance based on your firm’s policy and handle the publishing of content. To learn more about our social media solutions for your firm, be sure to contact us today.